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Building America

"I am a proud Rockford resident and I am proud that I can work at a company

who supports the community"

Tina, Bit Operator at Research Parkway, Rockford Il

Our Research Parkway plant in Rockford, Illinois was opened back in 1988. It currently supplies over 25,000 orders of products each week. The plant manufactures and assembles nearly every Greenlee hole making product including punches, dies, draw studs, auger bits, and hole saws. Greenlee was built around hole making tools and wouldn’t be where it is today without the efforts from Research Parkway.
1. Rockford, IL

2. Genoa, IL

3. Waukegan, IL

4. Louisville, KY

5. Chattanooga, TN

6. Memphis, TN

7. Vista, CA
Greenlee is devoted to maintaining excellence through quality service, innovative product design, and a commitment to manufacturing in the USA. We pride ourselves in providing its users with domestically manufactured products to insure quality and create American jobs. Be sure to look for our “Made in the US with Global Components” emblem on our product pages.

 Throughout the coming year, we will continue to highlight Greenlee plants and their pledge to ensure quality and create American jobs.

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