The following are the terms and conditions all users must agree to for participation in the forums. Any participant found not complying may be removed from the community.

  1. User credentials (username and password) are unique to each member. You may not share the information with others or allow others to access the site with your credentials.
  2. Members may not post any illegal or inappropriate content, including without limitation: obscene content, threatening content to members or others, inappropriate language or imagery, personally identifiable information (including SSN, drivers license number, license plate numbers, residential addresses, date of birth, bank account or credit card information, etc…), or other objectionable content (including inappropriate software, viruses, malware, etc…).
  3. Members may not promote competing brands or other commercial enterprises in posts. This prohibition includes posting of material with the intent of compensation from third parties.
  4. Members agree to only post information that is accurate to the best of the member’s knowledge.
  5. Members acknowledge and agree that they are submitting comments and feedback without any expectation for monetary compensation from Greenlee and without any claim of intellectual property rights as to the submission.
  6. Comments or feedback that is not on topic will be removed. Additionally, posts that duplicate comments or feedback that already has been contributed may also be removed.
  7. Members may not post any content to which a third party may have a copyright, trademark, patent or trade secret claim unless previous permission has been obtained from that third party. This includes any video or images to which a third party may have a copyright claim.
  8. Greenlee reserves the right at its sole discretion to remove any post, comment or feedback and, if necessary, to cancel a member’s access to the site.
  9. Members may download content from the site for the sole purpose of evaluating the material and providing Greenlee with feedback regarding the same. Members may not share the downloaded content or otherwise reproduce, distribute or use the content.