RMA Request Form

Please utilize the below RMA request form to request service for your Greenlee Test Instrument, Sidekick, ToneRanger, Throwmaster, Fiber Instrument, TDR, Locator, Tones & Probes amd Buttsett.  If you want to verify that Greenlee can repair your product, please contact our repair department at or call 800-642-2155, Option 1 for Customer Service then Option 2 for Repair.  Please fill in the required fields below, the form will be forwarded to our Repair Customer Service Team.  An RMA will be issued within 24 hours.

Repair/Calibration Authorization Request

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**Serial Number: Serial number is required for all units that are serialized.  All Sidekicks, TDR's.


In-Warranty Units: You will receive an email response back with an RAM# and the shipping address of our repair center.  Do not ship your product back until you receive an authorization number (RMA


Out of Warranty Units: You will receive an email or phone call within 24 hours with the estimated repair cost, if estimate is required.  Otherwise, repair charges will be based off the current flat rate repair price list.  (available here)