Service Parts Ordering Instructions

In order to improve delivery of hardware repair items to our customers, Greenlee has partnered with Fastenal to provide “standard” and “special” hardware repair parts such as nuts, bolts, screws, o-rings, retaining rings, etc.  While most of these select hardware items are still available from Greenlee they also can be ordered directly from Fastenal.

  • 364 hardware repair parts are “standards” and may be ordered via the Fastenal website, over the phone or by email. “Standards” are items that will be shipped from the closest Fastenal Distribution Center to the order destination.  “Standards” are also available at most hardware or home improvement retailers.

  • 188 hardware repair parts are “specials” and may be ordered through Fastenal via their website, over the phone or by email.  “Specials” are items that are not standard – they are exclusive to a Greenlee product.  “Special” will always be shipped from the Rockford, Illinois Fastenal store.


Fastenal Ordering Instructions for Greenlee Service Parts March 2012
Greenlee Service Parts Stocked by Fastenal

Greenlee Service Parts stocked by Greenlee & Fastenal

Fastenal Contact Information –
Greenlee Catalog Number and Greenlee Account Number required when placing an order.
815-229-7711 (phone)
815-229-7712 (fax) (email)