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Additional key Greenlee Communications products are available to BT.

Other Fibre Products

Fibre Catalogue

BT Item Code 026578

Tele 300C

BT Item Code 315627

Digital Signal Identifier 1B


Analogue test telephone with loudspeaker capability. Alerts to the presence of unsafe voltages and digital services on the line under test. Think Digital compliant. Waterproof construction. Earth Recall option BT Item Code 026578


Used to discover the signals present on a wire pair without cutting the circuit. Think Digital compliant. Emits an alarm tone indicating that the circuit is carrying inaudible signals or digital traffic.

BT Item Code 315569

Oscillator 87J

BT Item Code 315570

Amplifier 109J


Tone generator most commonly used with Amplifier 109J to identify cable pairs. It generates a 1kHz tone at any of 4 cadence rates. LED lights to indicate a short circuit. Includes a Capacitor to provide DC isolation


Used to trace the 1kHz tone generated by Oscillator 87J. The metal tip can be unscrewed and replaced. Robust construction, withstands being stepped on, is waterproof and designed to float

BT Item Code 315584

Amplifier 109K

BT Item Code 315588

 Tester 132K Kit


Designed as a replacement for the old Amplifier 109G preferred by faultsman joiners for cable tracing and pair proving. Allows the use of Probe 5B (Item Code 314102) and Search Coil 3A (Item Code 315586) an updated version of the "elephants foot"


Designed for cable tracing and pair proving. The kit includes Tone Generator, Amplifier, Probes, Headset, adapter and connecting cables. A strong pouch is also supplied to carry all the items in.

BT Item Code 379680

NG Harrier2 ISDN Tester

BT Item Code 023858

Load Attenuator 20db

Load Attenuator 40db


Verify basic ISDN circuit operation with the handheld unit and connect to the PC to fully test the installation. The PC software provides hypertext help information that can easily be updated to reflect current work practices to support testing and fault finding.


Provides attenuation of ADSL signals to simulate long telephone lines. Used to determine if impairments other than attenuation are affecting the ADSL service.

BT Item Code 027123

Meter, Multi-function 1B

BT Item Code 003043

Adapter Test 4A

True RMS, atuoranging, digital hand held meter with a 3-5/6 digit, 5000 count, liquid crystal backlit display with Bar Graph. Meter comes complete with carry case and GS38 test leads, including croc clips and probes, fused at 10A



BT Item Code 003965

Adapter Test 3B


BT Item Code 003043

Adapter Test 50A