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Greenlee App for Bend Works
Introducing BendWorks Go Mobile App
BendWorks Go is a mobile application that allows for a smooth information transfer from BendWorks to your mobile device in the electrical prefabrication shop or job site.
  • Upload project files from BendWorks to your smartphone or tablet
  • View project summaries and completion status
  • View step-by-step bend instructions
  • Eliminate the need for paper files
  • Works with the majority of Greenlee benders
A New Angle of Thinking Icon
A New Angle of Thinking
As a project moves from one team member to the next, it’s easy for details to fall through the cracks. Building Information Modeling (BIM) makes collaboration easy between building owners, contractors, engineers, architects, and foremen. When everyone is on the same page, inefficiencies are cut, and money is saved. Professionals that incorporate BIM into their work culture experience instant improvements at every step of the job’s progression—not to mention the ripple effects of BIM’s benefits.
Greenlee BendWorks  on Floor Layout
Smarter Software Designed for You
BIM technology alone can’t serve the unique needs of electrical contractors in the field. That’s why Greenlee created BendWorks—putting a century’s worth of electrical know-how in one program.
Greenlee BendWorks  on Floor Layout
Professionals Agree: BendWorks Works.
BendWorks is an extension for AutoDesk® Revit® designed specifically for electrical contractors. For all the advantages of BIM, the technology often doesn’t account for the realities of the job site—causing rework and other inefficiencies for the electrical contractor. BendWorks understands the small spaces and complex designs of today’s jobs—and helps you work smarter.
AutoDesk and Revit are registered trademarks of AutoDesk Inc.
Every hour invested in prefabrication cuts two and half on-site man-hours.
Safety Icon
Prefabrication happens off-site, minimizing exposure to jobsite hazards.
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Improved team communication leads to real results—89% of professionals report reduced rework when using BIM technology. Off-site prefabrication is performed in a controlled environment and follows specified standards. Additionally, it allows for a uniform workforce with multiple quality checks throughout the process.
Productivity Icon
When prefabrication is shifted off-site, on-site labor is maximized.