How to Become a Preferred Online Distributor

Preferred Online Distributor Policy 

Purpose of Policy

Greenlee Tools, Inc. has developed and maintains a customer facing website that features all Greenlee products and other relevant information.  We are focused on ensuring that Greenlee products and services are well-positioned and easily accessible via the internet to help support our distribution partners in the marketing and sales of Greenlee products.   

Greenlee Internet Distributor Policies and Guidelines 

In order to help promote and direct end-users to distribution partners who can provide the exceptional online experience customers have come to expect, we have developed a Preferred Online Distributor Policy in order to achieve that experience.  This policy explains the requirements for Distributors who qualify as a Preferred Online Distributor.  Greenlee Tools, Inc. will determine, at its sole discretion, if a distributor’s website meets any and all requirements and reserves the right to alter the eCommerce Policy or remove any distributor’s links from Greenlee Tools, Inc.’s website at any time. 

Preferred Online Distributor 

To qualify as a Preferred Online Distributor, Greenlee Tools, Inc. requires the following: 

  1. Be an Authorized Distributor of Greenlee Tools, Inc. in good standing 
  2. Prominently display ownership of website with distributor name and/or logo and make clear that it is separate from any Greenlee logos or trademarks. 
  3. Maintain a minimum Medal Status of Silver in the PROAction pricing program 
  4. Provide monthly point-of-sale data of all online Greenlee product sales, consisting of the Greenlee catalog number, quantity, and ship-to postal code. 
  5. Have a dedicated Greenlee landing page.  This page will be the first page shown when the distributor’s logo on the website is clicked.  The dedicated landing page must meet the following requirements: 
    1. Use a stylized Greenlee logo towards the top of the required landing page. The page must be easily identified as a page dedicated to Greenlee products. Visit our media library to view acceptable logo versions. 
    2. The Greenlee landing page should contain no advertisements for other product lines, or general advertising banners 
  6. Distributor’s website will be professional and display accurate high-resolution images of Greenlee products, contain accurate product content, and otherwise offer an exceptional user experience as determined by Greenlee Tools, Inc.   
  7. Carry full line of Greenlee products on website, including but not limited to – Bending, Pulling & Fishing, Battery Tools, Knockout Kits and General-Purpose Tools. 
  8. Will provide Greenlee Tools, Inc. with a company logo to be used as a link to the distributor’s website.  The logo must meet the following requirements: 
    1. Acceptable File types: .png, .gif, .jpg, .eps, .psd, .ai 
    2. Dimensions: Min Width or height of 500px; landscape orientation preferred 
    3. Resolution: anything 72dpi or above is acceptable 
    4. Transparent or white background 
    5. No tagline or anything other than the logo itself 

Distributors who make significant investments in the Greenlee product line, as well as their own website, can qualify to become a Preferred Online Distributor. Greenlee Tools, Inc. will promote these distribution partners by prominently displaying the Preferred Online Distributor marketing logo on product pages. Greenlee Tools, Inc.   will also have a webpage dedicated to Preferred Online Distributors with a direct link to the Greenlee landing page on the distributor’s website.   

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