Hard Metal Cutter Greenlee ESG45LX

33% Lighter than the previous model
Redesigned flip-top style latch reducees overall weight
*Compared to previous ESG45LX model
22% More Ergonomic from the previous model
Style and weight simplify one-handed operations
**Norazon EMG software difference in micro volts vs previous model of ESG45LX
Hand holding Greenlee ESG45LX
  • Industry first shock-load damping system minimizes released energy
  • Quick-change field replaceable blade design minimizes down time
  • Equipped with double tap activation profile and electric motor stop to ensure no residual travel of blades
  • Flip-top style latch: compact and lighter design, ideal for one-handed overhead applications
  • Application and capacity identifiers: capacities are laser etched on tool with orange ring indicating hard metal cutting applications
  • 7-year warranty
Greenlee ESG45LX with battery and 7-year warranty
  • 1590 kcmil ACSR (Falcon 54/19)
  • 5/8” standard guy strand
  • 1/2” EHS guy wire
  • 5/8” ground rod
  • 1/2” rebar (Schedule 60)
Greenlee ESG45LX Cutting Hard Metal