Greenlee® Expands REEL-X™ Line of Fish Tapes

April 14, 2022

Greenlee, part of Emerson’s professional tools portfolio, adds steel as an option for its recently launched industry-first REEL-X fish tapes. This innovative line of fish tapes, which now includes fiberglass and steel, makes fishing two times faster compared to a traditional fish tape. All REEL-X fish tapes have an anti-bind case that is also designed to reduce friction for faster fishing.

The new steel fish tapes include laser-etched measurement markings every foot, allowing the operator to measure and fish in one step. Available in 1/8-inch and 1/4-inch sizes, Greenlee’s REEL-X steel fish tapes come in various lengths from 65 to 240-feet and are suitable for general fishing or when measurement is required during the installation process. The expanded steel offering also includes stainless steel fish tapes, which are corrosion-resistant and perfect for fishing in wet environments. The recently launched fiberglass fish tapes are non-conductive and provide additional protection when fishing in conduit with existing wires. The addition of steel creates a well-rounded offering to give professionals the maximum flexibility to choose the material best suited to the project.  

“Adding steel fish tapes to the REEL-X line gives professionals the option to use a REEL-X for any job since steel is the most widely used fish tape material. This addition rounds out our REEL-X offering and ensures our customers can experience the fastest fish tape in the industry, no matter the job.” said Adele Hendrix, product manager, Greenlee for Emerson. “The advanced features of the REEL-X case design not only increase speed but also help reduce user strain for an overall enhanced experience.”

Greenlee’s patent-pending design features a free-spinning interior reel that helps eliminate binding, requiring less physical force to feed and pull the tape, reducing fatigue. The case is designed to be held close to the body, which helps minimize discomfort and decreases physical strain commonly associated with fishing. In addition to reducing fatigue, the case can be set on the ground or held between the legs to free up both hands for pulling or feeding the tape, making fishing even faster. The case also opens easily to remove dirt and quickly swap out reel cartridges.

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