Greenlee® Introduces Mobile Bending Table for 881 Series Hydraulic Benders

April 4, 2022

Greenlee®, part of Emerson’s professional tools portfolio, is bringing secure and easy-to-transport conduit bending capabilities to jobsites with the introduction of its Mobile Bending Table for 881 Series Hydraulic Benders. The new product combines the latest in anti-theft protection with enhanced mobility, easy set-up and quick teardown.

“Electricians are constantly trying to do work more efficiently. Anytime we can shave time off a job, it’s a win – and this product delivers that with easier set-up and portability. At the same time, we know that protecting equipment from theft is an issue for a lot of tradespeople. The new Greenlee Mobile Bending Table for the 881 Series Hydraulic Benders is our latest solution to help professionals safeguard their investments and increase productivity,” said Katey Earley, product manager, Greenlee for Emerson. “The features we’ve built into this new cart allow users to not only bend anywhere while staying secure, but to also do so in a more ergonomic way so there is less strain on the body and projects can be completed in less time.”

The Mobile Bending Table is designed to fit through standard 32-inch-wide doors and includes anti-theft locking features to protect shoes and accessories. For secure transportation, raised fork pockets provide better balance and dedicated strapping points make it easy to secure in a trailer.

Built-in holders for the pendant and cotter pins provide convenient storage, while all accessories are stored in ergonomic lifting positions, reducing strain by up to 30 percent compared to our existing cart, based on Greenlee internal testing. A hands-free media stand gives easier access to tablets, notebooks and more. It is also compatible with all 881 Series Hydraulic Benders, making it ideal for those needing a cart upgrade.

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