Key Features
Greenlee ESC50LX on white background
Key Features
Hardened Blade
  • Produce clean, smooth cuts in Copper (CU) / Aluminum (AI) cable
Improved Durability
  • Enclosed housing and coated circuit boards protect against water and dirt
Auto Retract
  • Tool automatically retracts when the cutting cycle is complete
Tacky Grip
  • Gripping the tool is easier and more comfortable
OLED Display
  • Real-time communication and tool maintenance status
Bluetooth® Communication
  • Connect with Gator Eye® App. to track tool performance
Protecting You
Greenlee ESC50LX being used
Protecting You
Single Trigger
  • Controls all tool functions

Double-Click Safety Feature
  • Prevents unintentionally engaging cutting blades

350° Rotating Head
  • Designed to cut at any angle
Greenlee ESC50LX - Battery Platform
Makita® Battery Platform
  • 18V Li-Ion 4.0Ah battery provides more cycles per charge and charges in under 45 minutes

*Makita is a registered trademark of Makita Corporation

Interchangeable cutting jaws for EK628 and EK425 6-ton battery tools

Greenlee ESC50LX on white background
Jaw Key Features
Hardened Blade
  • Produce clean, smooth cuts
Interchangeable Jaws
  • Quickly and easily change jaws
  • Up to 477 kcmil Pelican (CJ-ACSR1)
  • Up to 5/16" Guy Strand (EHS) (CJ-ACSR1)
  • Up to 3/8" Guy Strand (HS) (CJ-ACSR1)
  • Up to 600 kcmil Cu/Al (CJ-CUAL)