Safety - Common Issues
Insulated Tool Application
Safety - Common Issues
  • Exposed electrical components
  • Improper grounding of equipment
  • Damaged insulation

  • Proximity to live circuits
  • Confined working area
  • Limited range of motion
  • Wet conditions/excessive temperature

Lack of proper PPE

Safety - Ways to Protect Yourself
Greenlee Tool being used by man
Safety - Ways to Protect Yourself
Electrical accidents are largely preventable through safe work practices
  • De-energizing electric equipment before inspection or repair
  • Exercising caution when working near energized lines
  • Using appropriate protective equipment
  • Keeping electric tools properly maintained

Protection against energized metal parts
  • Establish a low-resistance path from the devices metallic case to the ground
  • Usage of portable tools and appliances protected by a dielectrically tested insulation system
Safety - Work Practices
Greenlee Cable Cutting Tools being used by man
Safety - Work Practices
What is an Insulated Tool?
  • Traditionally, insulated tools are manual hand tools used by linemen/electricians designed to protect them against injury if they encounter an energized source up to 1000V.
  • Proper use and application of insulated tools and PPE by electricians are required by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration).

Why Use an Insulated Tool?

Added protection for:
  • When work is carried out in close proximity to other live circuits (with insulated jaws).
  • Electrical work that needs to be carried out “hot” or on live circuits.
  • Situations where it may not be possible to disconnect the circuits.
  • Situations when you may not be aware that you are working on a live circuit.
Protecting You - Greenlee Insulated Hydraulic Tools
Greenlee Insulated Hydraulic Tools being used by man
Protecting You - Greenlee Insulated Hydraulic Tools
  • The Orange Line series of battery powered hydraulic cutting and crimping tools are the world’s first tools of their kind designed with insulation barriers to help offer added protection from electric shock up to 1000V.
  • Every tool is dielectrically tested for conformance to 1000V insulation rating with a 10X testing criteria in our production process.
  • Like any Insulated Tool, it must be regularly inspected and tested and used with proper PPE and electrical hazard procedures.
Protecting You - How to Insulate a Battery Tool
Greenlee Tool on White Background
Protecting You - How to Insulate a Battery Tool
Tri-Insulation Barrier provides three layers of protection (patent pending)
  • PA6 Insulation - Housing Material
  • 12.5mm Creepage Distance
  • Dielectric Hydraulic Oil
Protecting You - Gator Insulated Key Features
Gator Insulated being used by man
Protecting You - Gator Insulated Key Features
  • Brush-guarded head: Helps avoid accidental contact with conductors
  • Tri-insulation barrier: Provides three (3) layers of protection (Patent Pending)
  • 360° rotating head: For improved agility in confined work spaces
  • Bluetooth® communication: Connects with Greenlee i-press® App
  • Double-tap safety feature option: Prevents unintentional operation
  • Ultimate durability: Enclosed, impact-resistant, housing and coated circuit boards protect against water and dirt
  • Tacky grip: Gripping the tools is easier and more comfortable