Work Smarter
Greenlee Next Gen Battery Tools Smarter being used
Work Smarter
Monitors Pressure
  • 32 times every second to ensure proper force is applied at the crimping tool
Polices the Crimp
  • Alerts operator visually and audibly if the cycle is not performed correctly
Retracts Automatically
  • Tool signals user that crimp is complete by retracting tam automatically
Saves Time
  • Smart Tool minimizes the retraction distance after each cycle utilizing features such as Automatic Retraction Stop (ARS) which retracts the ram just enough to get ready for the next cycle and Retraction Stop Repeat (RSR) which allows the operator to partially retract the ram repeating the retraction for subsequent crimps
Ergo Lab
Greenlee Green Lab Next Gen Tools
Ergo Lab
  • Industry’s First In-House Ergonomics Testing Lab

3rd Party Test Results
  • Our in-house ErgoLab has partnered with Iowa State University’s ATHENA lab, a premier engineering and scientific leader in ergonomic testing, to compare our battery tools against the competition

Testing Spotlight
  • Greenlee EK425LX/EK628LX is rated the best 6-ton crimpers overall in all eight performance categories. (Reference testing). A highlight of the surveyed categories include: Weight, Speed/Efficiency, Hand Size Fit/Comfort, Trigger Design, Force/Effort and Overall.
Greenlee Next Gen Tools being used by man
  • Single trigger controls tool function
  • Double ovoid hand grip reduces user hand fatigue
  • Updated housing is 2x more durable
  • Increased capacity of orbital oil reservoir
  • 5-Pole motor runs cooler and longer
  • Coated circuit board protects against dirt and water
  • OLED real-time readout of the tool battery charge, pressure level and cycle information
Greenlee  iPress - Next Gen Tools
i-press® Sensor
  • Measures Pressure 32 Times Every Second
i-press® App
  • Personalize Your Tool Settings
  • Review Tool Performance Data
  • Choose Individual User Profiles
  • Create and Send Work History PDF’s
  • Available For Your Smart Phone or Tablet on iOS and Android Platforms
i-press® Desktop Software
  • Software designed to make connecting your mobile device simple
  • Bluetooth® enabled on compatible PCs
  • Set service intervals and download work history reports
  • Add user and inventory information to your Gator® tools
  • Review wave forms in AMP and PSI