Gator ES20LXR Remote cutting an overhead power line
Overhead Remote Cutter
“When the lights are out, the ES20LXR allows me to quickly access areas from a safe location like never before to begin restoring power” - 10 year Utility Tradesman
Greenlee suspended underground cable cutter.
Underground Remote Cutter
Use of Remote Cutting Tools and the associated processes take the worker out of the Line of Fire.

Kevin Kinnerk

Retired Standards & Methods Writer
Dedicated to Protecting You
Greenlee Electric Cable Cutter on white Background
Dedicated to Protecting You
  • Developed in unison with utility professionals
  • Created a method to “remove the target“ from the test area when cutting electric cables
Complete Operational Control
Man Demonstrating Complete Operational Control on Greenlee Tools
Complete Operational Control
  • Select between Hand-Held Manual and Remote usage options
  • Double tap trigger operation protects unintentional blade engagement
  • Mechanical break stops residual blade travel when trigger is disengaged
Cutting Capacity
Greenlee ESG105LXR being used by a man
Cutting Capacity
  • Flip-top jaw and guillotine style cutting head secures conductor
  • Greenlee ESG65LXR cutting capacity of up to 2.55" (65 mm)
  • Greenlee ESG105LXR cutting capacity of up to 4.13" (105 mm)
  • Cutting head rotates 350°
  • LED level indicator on battery and built-in tool self-test confirms ability to complete cut
ES20LXR Overhead Remote Cutter
ES20LXR Overhead Remote Cutter with Battery
ES20LXR Overhead Remote Cutter
  • Universal spline connection for various length hotsticks
  • Precision blade geometry designed for cutting hard metal
  • LIghtweight cutting solution (4.85 lbs) aids in precision when working in congested work areas
  • Up to 336 ACSR
ESG65LXR Underground Remote Cutter
ESG65LXR Underground Remote Cutter with Battery
ESG65LXR Underground Remote Cutter
  • Cutting capacity of up to 2.55"
  • Cut confirmation end position blade sensor confirms cut is complete
  • Lightweight soft metal cutter ideal for remote cutting or hand held every day use.
ESG105LXR Underground Remote Cutter
ESG105LXR Underground Remote Cutter with Battery
ESG105LXR Underground Remote Cutter
  • Cutting Capacity of up to 4.13"
  • Cut confirmation end postion blade sensor confirms cut is complete
  • High capacity underground cutter ideal for large reconductoring projects
  • Electric break stops residual blade travel when trigger is disengaged