Greenlee Pull Assist on White Background
The Greenlee Pull Assist is a pulling accessory that gives you the option to make your pull hands-free and consistent.
  • Provides up to 85 pounds of tailing force using a smart algorithm to adjust the range of available force in real time that is best suited to the force of the puller
  • Use the pendant to fine-tune the tailing force and stay in control
  • Works with most Greenlee pullers
Human figure showing the signs of stress
Reduce Strain & Fatigue
Easier Puller Set Up in Challenging Locations Blue Print
Easier Puller Set Up in Challenging Locations
Do not step on sign
Stay Out of the Danger Zone
Never stand directly in front of the puller while operating. Full instruction manuals available on
Greenlee Pull Assist
V-Pulley grabs and pulls the rope from capstan for hands-free pulling, eliminating strain & fatigue from manual pulling.