Optical Power Meters

Cat #:
GRP 450 455 460

UPC #:




dB/dBm GRP-450-02 GRP-450-03 GRP-450-04
On-Board Storage GRP-455-02 GRP-455-03 GRP-455-04
Data Transfer to PC GRP-460-02 GRP-460-03 GRP-460-04
Detector Type Ge InGaAs InFaAs Filtered
Wavelength Range 850nm to 1625nm
Measurement Range + 3 to – 60dBm + 3 to –70 dBm +23 to –45dBm
Resolution 0.1dB
Absolute Accuracy +/- 0.25dB
Optical Interface Universal 2.5mm (Order 1.25mm or screw on adaptors separately)
Tone identification 2kHz Incoming signal, Audible Alert
Power On Push button ON, Auto shutoff
Storage Store up to 1000 measurements per wavelength GRP 455 & 460
Data Transfer Mini USB Port (1000 points/wavelength) GRP 460 ONLY
Dimensions 6.1x.94x.75 in. (15.5x2.38x1.90cm)
Weight 3.0 oz (85g)


Cat No.

Order #


GRP 450-02 52056202 Germanium, 0.01dB, zero ref set
GRP 450-03 52056203 InGaAs, 0.1dB, Zero/Set Ref
GRP 450-04 52056204 Filtered InGaAs, 0.01dB, zero ref set
GRP 455-02 52056205 Germanium, 0.01dB, Zero/Set Ref
GRP 455-04 52056207 Filtered InGaAs, 0.01dB,Zero ref set
GRP 460-02 52056208 Germanium, 0.01dB, Zero/Set Ref
GRP 460-03 52056209 InGaAs, 0.01dB, Zero ref set
GRP 460-04 52056210 Filtered InGaAs, 0.01dB,Zero ref set
GLFI 110 52056249 Live Fibre Detect & Fibre ID


Connector Options

GAC021 52056232 1.25mm Universal Adaptor
GAC026 52056233 SC Adaptor for OPM
GAC027 52056234 ST Adaptor for OPM
GAC028 52056235 FC Adaptor for OPM
GAC029 52056236 LC Adaptor for OPM

Software Download

OPM Data Manager software

(for use with the GRP460 Optical Power Meters only)