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Shear Power

Shear Power

Hydraulically Powered
Use with Greenlee 980 electric pump or EHP700L11 battery-powered pump

Powerful 30-Ton Hydraulic Ram
Easily and quickly shears through tough material
Eliminates operator exerting force to cut material
Shear Speed
Shear Speed
Die Grooves
Ensures the dies are inserted correctly every time

Quick Die Change System
Easily swap out dies with no tools or loose parts

Automatic Retraction
Retaining spring arm brings back dies into starting position for next cut

Increased Productivity
Straight, burr-free cuts every time and no secondary operation needed
Shear Safety
Shear Safety
Hydraulic Hose Through-Hole
Safety contains hydraulic hose from the pump to the ram

Operated with strong, durable steel dies, removing hot, exposed blades on the job

Eliminates hot metal shavings and debris

Produces clean, burr-free cuts, preventing lacerations
Shear Precision
Shear Precision
Laser-Marked Measuring System
Accurately shear each piece to precise length with movable arm and measuring stop

Material Rest
Keeps material perpendicular for clean cuts and extended die life
Angle Iron
Angle Iron
Angle Iron Dies
Up to 2" x 2" x 1/4"
Rebar Dies - Up to #6