Directions for Idea Submission

Note:  Read the following process steps before submitting an idea to Greenlee Textron Inc. 

  1. Read the Policy Statement as listed below.
  2. Agree to the Idea Submission Agreement (if you do not, we cannot review your idea).
  3. Fill out the Web form.  This will generate a receipt for you that will be sent to your e-mail address.
  4. Send product samples, pictures or supporting documentation, if necessary to:  Greenlee, Attn:  IP Manager, 4455 Boeing Drive, Rockford, IL 61109, 815-397-7070.  Print-out the Web form e-mail that you receive and include with the mail you send in.  This allows us to identify the incoming material with your idea. 
  5. Expect 4-6 weeks for Greenlee to respond, once all material has been received.  Thank you for your interest!


Policy Statement

Concerning Submitted Ideas

Each year a number of unsolicited communications containing ideas and suggestions are received by Greenlee Textron Inc. (hereinafter “Greenlee”).  While these are sometimes submitted to us without any thought of compensation, the persons making the submission frequently believe that they have something of value for which they should be paid.

Some of the ideas submitted relate to Greenlee’s products, machines and manufacturing processes, other may concern business proposals, such as promotional devices or office procedures.  We appreciate this interest in Greenlee but find that it necessitates our following a uniform policy concerning submitted ideas.  The purpose of this memorandum is to describe our policy to you.

In all cases we endeavor to acquaint you with our policy at the earliest possible moment.  We would, of course, prefer that it be familiar to you prior to your submission of an idea to us.  However, since this cannot always be accomplished, our procedure is to return each submission without evaluation until the submitter has been supplied with a copy of this memorandum and has accepted our Conditions of Submission, as set forth herein.

You will appreciate, of course, that we have access to many ideas through our experience, research activities, employees and other sources.  It is, therefore, quite possible that any idea submitted may already be known or available to us.  It is only reasonable that compensation will not be given for the use of such old or previously available ideas should we at any time elect to practice them, whether or not we had previously given specific consideration to such idea.

Furthermore, advertising, business, and other unpatentable ideas rarely can be of more than nominal value to us because they cannot be protected under the patent and trademark laws, and rarely to any appreciable extent under the copyright laws.  Consequently, as soon as we put such an idea into practice, competitors may copy it freely.

We want every person submitting an idea to protect his interests.  At the same time, we must also protect our interests so that we can conduct an efficient and progressive business.  For this reason, no consideration will be given to any idea submitted unless it is submitted subject to the Conditions of Submission which are set forth below.

Conditions of Submission

  1. No confidential relationship is to be established by entry into the Submission Agreement or by any submission or is such a relationship to be implied from consideration of the submitted material, and the material is not to be considered to be submitted “in confidence”.
  2. Greenlee makes no commitment that the idea or material submitted shall be kept a secret although it is the policy of Greenlee to avoid as far as possible publication to sources outside Greenlee.
  3. By considering a submitted idea, Greenlee does not obligate itself to pay any compensation whatsoever for its use of unpatentable ideas.
  4. Concerning the ideas that, though presently unpatented, appear to be validly patentable, Greenlee may, if interested, negotiate for the acquisition of patent rights.
  5. The reception and consideration by Greenlee of any submitted disclosure of a patentable idea shall not in any way impair Greenlee’s right to contest the validity of any patent that may have been or may thereafter be obtained on said idea.  The submitter’s sole remedy if he believes Greenlee to be utilizing, in any way, the submitted material or idea, shall be the enforcement by him under the laws of the United States or foreign countries of such patent, trademark or copyright rights as he may possess.
  6. Greenlee will give each submitted idea only such consideration as in the judgment of Greenlee it merits.  We cannot undertake to give any item special handling or to refer it to specified individuals or Company officers.
  7. All suggestions must be submitted in writing.  Greenlee shall be under no    obligation to return any material submitted although it may do so.  The person making the submission should therefore keep the originals or a duplicate copy for his own records.
  8. Greenlee shall be under no obligation to reveal test data or test reports of any kind or to reveal any activities by it or its affiliated companies related to the subject matter of a submitted idea.
  9. If Greenlee decides not to pay compensation for a submitted idea, it assumes no obligation to give reasons for its decision or to take any action other than to communicate its decision to the submitter.
  10. Entering into negotiations for the purchase of any ideas submitted, or the making of any offer for their purchase, shall not in any way prejudice Greenlee, nor shall it be deemed an admission of the novelty of the ideas, or of priority or originality on the part of the person submitting them or of any other person.
  11. The submitting party represents that no other party, including a previous or present employer has any rights with respect to the submitted idea.  If the idea is owned jointly, all parties claiming ownership must execute a Submission Agreement form, or alternately the party signing the Submission Agreement represents that he is the sole owner or is acting on behalf of all owners.
  12. The foregoing conditions shall inure to the benefit of Greenlee Textron Inc., and its present and future subsidiaries and affiliates and may not be modified or waived except in writing signed by an Officer of the Company.

Submission Agreement

By selecting the check box, I do hereby acknowledge that I have received and read the attached memorandum entitle “Greenlee Textron Inc., Policy Concerning Submitted Ideas”, including the portion thereof entitled, “Conditions of Submission”, and that I understand the contents of this memorandum and the fact that said Conditions of Submissions shall become part of this Agreement or any subsequent executed by me with regard to material Greenlee Textron’s willingness to examine the idea and/or material submitted or proposed to be submitted by me, and intending to be legally bound hereby, I accept and agree to accept all of the Conditions of Submissions set forth in the said memorandum attached hereto, and further, I agree that such conditions of submission shall apply to all additional disclosures made incidental to the original materials submitted.

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I Agree: