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Intelligent Crimping System

Intelligent Crimping System: The New Standard

Battery powered Crimping and Cutting Tools from Greenlee have always represented the most comfortable and efficient solutions when it comes to reliable crimping of connectors and cutting cables. However, outstanding results are no reason for us to rest on our laurels. On the contrary, we are always committed to improve the good and make it even better. The result: our new tool generation with IntelliCRIMP™.

When it comes to Crimping and Cutting Tool intelligence, efficiency and ergonomics, Greenlee Gator® Tools are Professional. Nothing Less®.

More Intelligent

  • Intelligent Crimping System Technology includes a pressure sensor that monitors the crimping force of each crimp and provides the operator a visual and audible alert if the force is below specifications.

  • Some tool models have Retraction Stop Repeat (RSR) which allows the operator to partially retract the ram and then the tool repeats the retraction for subsequent crimps.

  • Some tool models have Automatic Retraction Stop (ARS) which retracts the ram just enough to get ready for the next cycle,saving time and energy.

  • LED light provides the operator with the battery charge and tool maintenance status.

  • Two-stage hydraulic system provides fast advance and power speeds, saving time.

  • Smart chargers control the charging current, charging voltage and battery temperature to maximize battery life.

More Power

  • State of the art 18V lithium ion (Li-ion) battery provides 70% more cycles per charge and faster cycle times.

  • Available with 120V, 12V or 230V battery charger.

  • Available with 120V or 230V corded adapter in place of batteries and charger.

More Ergonomic

  • Forward handle position improves tool balance.

  • One trigger controls all tool functions.

  • Overmolded tacky grip areas make gripping the tool easier and more comfortable.

  •  LED work light illuminates dark work areas.


More "Green"

  • Greenlee battery-powered crimping tools now use bio-degradable oil.

More Connections

  • Connections are UL and cUL classified when tools are used with 7 brands of  color-coded lugs and splices. Most competitive tools are UL approved with only one connector brand.