What is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the study of humans interacting with their work. It looks at how changing tools and workspaces to match the users improves productivity, decreases injuries, and ultimately save companies money.

What is the ErgoLab?

Greenlee’s ErgoLab is our in-house, industry first, ergonomics testing lab. It compares our tools to the competition and is an integral part of our design process for new user-centered tools. Our ErgoLab also travels throughout North America bringing innovation and safety info to Greenlee customers.



Why Greenlee?

The ErgoLab partnered with Iowa State University’s ATHENA lab, a premier engineering and scientific leader in ergonomic testing. Together we tested some of our Gator tools against the competition.

Independent Test Results

 EK425LX/EK628LX 6-ton crimper EK1240LX 12-ton crimper  ESG45LX- ACSR Cutter

We used a variety of tests to compare the ergonomic benefits of our tools against the competition.