BendWorks Demonstration Resources

BendWorks® is a first-of-its-kind add-in software application for Autodesk® Revit® and Revit® MEP that helps designers more efficiently optimize electrical conduit runs, saving time and reducing costs.

BendWorks® combines electrical trade knowledge and Greenlee® bending parameters at the designer's fingertips to ensure all conduit runs are error-free and export-ready for prefabrication or on-site bending with most Greenlee benders. The result is a smarter and faster way of doing business, with minimized errors, rework, and change orders between design, prefabrication and the job site.

For more information on how BendWorks, please review the How-To Videos below or download our How-To Guide.

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This video shows you how to get started in BendWorks® by accessing the Greenlee® conduit families that you will need when creating or modifying conduit runs in Autodesk® Revit® and Revit® MEP.
This video shows you how to setup your default splitting settings.
This video shows you how to split a single conduit run and split multiple conduit runs using either the “by type” or “by selection” features
This video shows you how to un-split one or more conduit runs.
This video shows you how use the 'align coupling' feature.
This video shows you how to generate and modify BendWorks® output file types, .csv and/or .txt.
This video shows you how to use BendWorks® output files, .csv and .txt, to bend on programmable and non-programmable benders, respectively.

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