Versi-Tugger™ - Handheld 1,000 lb Puller

Cat #: G1
UPC #: 0783310047469

Versi-Tugger™ - Handheld 1,000 lb Puller

Cat #: G1
UPC #: 0783310047469
  • Handheld, Cordless Puller
  • Constant pull force up to 600 lbs.
  • Unload Poly Line In Seconds After A Pull - Line slides off tapered capstan when spool wall is removed, no need to reverse the drill
  • Pull 68% faster than manual pulling
  • Works most 18v-20v cordless drills
  • Adjustable boom - The 17” rotatable boom quickly adjusts to fit each job with 3 length positions to choose from. Extend the boom with 1" rigid conduit
  • Universal Pulling Head - One-size-fits-all pulling head attaches quickly to any size conduit from 1/2” - 4”
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Sub Brand Versi-Tugger
Type Cable Puller
Application Cable pulling
Cable Type Electrical Cable
Cable Size #14 - 1/0
Capacity 1/2" - 4" Conduit
Load 1,000 lb Peak Pulling Force
Voltage Rating Compatible with most cordless drills up to 20V
Mounting Handheld
Construction Aluminum & Steel
Replacement Parts G1-R11 - Input Adapter Kit
G1-R12 - Drill Strap Kit
G1-R13 - Capstan Wall Kit
G1-R14 - Boom Kit
G1-R15 - Handle Kit
G1-R16 - Capstan Kit
G1-R17 - Hardware Kit
G1-R18 - Monopod Adapt Kit
G1-R19 - Decal Kit
G1-R20 - Release Pins
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