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General Purpose & Safety Tools

An extensive offering of high-grade, lifetime warranty hand tools and premium tool bags used by trade professionals to tackle any job.

Maximum Grip. Quick Jaw-Adustments
Maximum Grip. Quick Jaw-Adustments
Rhombus-Shaped Jaw
  • With opposing offset teeth ensure maximum grip on rounded material
Push-Button Design
  • Provides quick and easy jaw adustments
  • Multi-pourpose jaws for strong grip on round, flat, square or hex materials
Precision Jaw Adjustment
  • Quickly and easily adapt to a wide range of sizes
Water Pump Plier Set
  • Available in sizes 8", 10", 12" and a 3-piece set
Multi-Functional Screwdriver and Nutdriver
Multi-Functional Screwdriver and Nutdriver
  • Integrated screwdriver and nut driver reduces the number of tools needed for a job
  • One tool that can work on slotted and Philips screws
  • Bits stored inside the shank are quickly and easily interchanged
  • Includes #1 & #2 Phillips, 1/4" & 3/16" slotted, #1 & #2 square recess, #10 & #15 Torx®, and 3/8", 5/16", & 1/4" nut drivers
  • Cushion grip handle provides extra comfort to the user
Maximized Accuracy. Ultimate Safety. Increased Protection.
Maximized Accuracy. Ultimate Safety. Increased Protection.
Mazimized Accuracy
  • Ensures connections are tightened to the correct torque rating, eliminating the need for guesswork.
Ultimate Safety
  • Sufficiently tightens connections to comply with the new 2017 National Electric Code (110.14D)
  • Helps prevent fires and other hazards caused by improperly torqued connections
Increased Protection
  • Durable, compact case provides optimal tool protection
Magnetic Tip Nut Driver
Magnetic Tip Nut Driver
  • Available in seven individual sizes and a kit
  • Rare earth magnetic tips for a strong hold on nuts and bolts
  • Color-coded handles and labeled shafts for easy part identification
  • The hollow shafts on the tool provide easy installation and removal of nuts on long studs