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Commercial and Residential Electrical Certifications
  • Electrical Certifications

Receive an industry-validated NC3 certificate
as proof of skills achievement that can offer
enhanced employment potential and higher
productivity on the job, in industries such as:
  • Residential and Commercial
  • Construction Trades
  • Building Maintenance
  • Information Technologies
Basic & Advanced Conduit Bending
Basic & Advanced Conduit Bending
Certification skills include:
  • Learning the bending characteristics of the various conduits used in the electrical trade.
  • Applying the bending theory required to calculate, layout, and perform a variety of the most common bends used in the electrical trade.
  • Demonstrating proficiency by bending conduit using hand benders and ratchet mechanical benders.
  • Learning to use the industry standard electric and hydraulic benders, as well as pvc heaters that emphasize productivity and more advanced techniques to make larger radius, segment bends.
Wire Pathways
Wire Pathways
Certification skills include:
  • Discovering the proper use of professional tools for creating pathways for cabling through commercial and residential framing materials and ingress into metal panels and control boxes.
  • Learning the advantages and proper use of the latest professional wire pathway making solutions used in the trades.
  • Learning the impact of the right tool for workmanship and productivity.
Electrical Branch/Series & Service Level Wire Termination
Electrical Branch/Series & Service Level Wire Termination
Certification skills include:
Understanding the 4 circuit levels and the techniques concerning cutting, stripping and crimping electrical wire.
Learning the advantages and proper use of the latest electrical wire termination tools for cutting, stripping and crimping electrical connectors on copper and aluminum wire.
Using professional grade electrical wire termination tools to complete lab activities in cutting, stripping and crimping electrical connectors on Series and Service Level wire sizes.
Certification Skills Include
  • Fishing Conduits and Raceways – This certification covers the process of fishing raceways in preparation for pulling the wire into the conduit or through the intended pathway.  Topics include; manual fishing methods using fish tapes, fish poles and fish sticks as well as using power fishing equipment for raceways that are too long for manual methods.  This is the first step in preparing for pulling wire through conduit and includes the accessories (mandrels, wire brushes, etc.) used to check conduit and clean conduit prior to the cable pull. 
  • Cable Pulling – This certification outlines the process of manual and power cable pulling.  Special emphasis on safety related to power cable pulling operations is detailed throughout the curriculum. Topics include identifying the components of a cable pulling system, calculating pull forces, sheave theory, capstan theory, cable puller setups, rope to wire connections, monitoring pulling force, cable feeding. An overview of pulling in cable tray and using cable tray rollers as well as pulling category rated LAN and fiber optic cable is also included.

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