RT-10 Rope Tester
Test the dielectric strength of your rope in the field
Greenlee V-Watch® on womans chest
V-Watch® Personal Voltage Detector

Provides another level of safety for line crews, storm restoration workers and first responders by alerting them to the presence of electric fields or energized equipment

Lookout® Voltage Detection Network being used
Lookout® Voltage Detection Network
A revolutionary way of detecting voltage!
Keep your crews and fleet equipment safe from accidental boom strikes through connected voltage detectors.
PRX Voltage Detector
PRX™ Proximity Voltage Detectors

Easily verify the presence of voltage without contacting the conductor. Three models available to detect voltages from 120V up to 500kV

DoubleVision® Meters
DoubleVision® Meters
Voltmeters and Voltage indicator with available wireless phasing capabilities featuring a patented synchronized dual-display design.